Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scientific Research?

Is there a correlation between difficulty choosing a wedding gown and difficulty committing to a mate?

Ask a consultant who helps girls choose their perfect wedding gown and they'll give you an enthusiastic "YES"!

It is well-known in the bridal industry that if a bride shops at many stores, or for many weeks, or buys a dress and then immediately calls to change her mind to a different dress, she is enormously more likely to cancel the wedding mid-planning.

Does every bride who can't immediately identify "the one" when it comes to her attire end up without a husband? Of course not. But every store gets its share of canceled weddings, and in most cases there were warning signs.

I found out this week that a bride of mine has called off her wedding. As I look back, I could have predicted this outcome. She originally picked out her dress and accessories about a year ago. Over the course of the past year she has changed her mind on her dress once and on her veil and hair jewelry 3 times. She has made multiple trips to my store to order and select different items. Each time we have had a conversation about how special order items cannot be returned, yet she is so insecure in her choices that she continues to reselect. How can I be surprised that she seems unsure of her choice of a life mate?

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