Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why You Do It All

I am still smiling a day later, so here's my post from yesterday... Feel Good Friday

Why do you put all the energy, thought and, yes, money into planning your big day?

Is it because you have family and friends coming to witness your vows and you want to treat them to a big party? Maybe.

Is it because you have dreamed, ever since you were a little girl, of the day you married, the dress you'd wear, the song you'd dance to? Perhaps.

But the reward of all your hard work is where I am today. You see, today my Husband and I are celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary. Although our lives have become full of children and homework and jobs and housework, we'll sit down tonight after the kids are in bed and pull out our wedding album. We'll look at the pictures of the ceremony, I'll groan (as I always do) about how much eye makeup I was wearing, he'll tell me to stop, I was beautiful. We'll point to the photos of the children that were invited and comment on how young they look. We'll smile as we look at the pictures of the family members that are no longer with us, my Dad, his Nana. We'll talk a little about how styles have changed, who has lost hair, who has lost weight, and relationships that have changed since that day.

Then we'll put the leather-bound album back into its protective case and back on the shelf. We'll smile at each other and say, I love you.

Then we'll probably watch House.


Mommy on the Spot said...

Congrats! What an awesome way to celebrate!

purplume said...

So true. The simplest hings like watching house are so connecting.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

We do this too and watch our video. Our anniv is on Thursday!


shesaid said...

What a beautiful post. Good for you for taking the time to stop and remember and appreciate. Anniversaries are an accomplishment and should be enjoyed as such.

Amy said...

A belated happy anniversary. Ours was October 9. Is it true that October is the 2nd most popular month for weddings, behind June?

Fiorella said...

Depends on your part of the country, according to experts. In some parts, Fall is the number one wedding season, with October being the most popular month. In the south, Spring is more popular, with May being the number one month. The interesting effect is that the nationwide number one month is June. Another curious fact is that the economy seems to be changing people's habits... more and more people are choosing to take advantage of off-season deals, or to forgo a formal wedding altogether and have a destination wedding somewhere warm. Both of these phenomena tend to involve the winter months. So they are now more popular. But I love October! My wedding was on Columbus Day weekend, as I suspect yours might have been as well!