Monday, September 27, 2010

An Empassioned Plea: Part II

I have attended two weddings in the last month or so, and BOTH of the brides wore strapless gowns, and BOTH of the brides were visibly suffering from droopy dress-itis.

I don't know if this was the result of poor alterations, or wedding-week weight loss.

But the end result was me sitting on my hands in an effort to not butt in where I wasn't wanted, and watch these beautiful brides attempt to casually watch their cleavage when they should have been watching the eyes of their intended.

If you read my previous post about strapless gowns and about the importance of good alterations, you'll recognize this rant for what it is. Frustration at anything that distracts from what is important here: the marriage.

Sounds funny, coming from a dress person. You hear of photographers that seem to forget that there is a wedding here, and this isn't just a photo shoot, and of DJs that think your wedding is their own personal one-man show. So you would expect a dress person to be the one who would insist that the train on the bride's dress be straightened and that photos of the dress are of the utmost importance. In reality, I am a sentimental fool who believes in romance, forever, undying love, all of those cliches (The Princess Bride = best book and movie EVER!) and I believe that the most important thing is the vow, not the dress one wears when exchanging them.

Just one woman's thoughts. I have more empassioned pleas here.


Amy said...

Hey, were you at the wedding I was at a few weeks ago? Think you should turn this one into an article that you shop around to some bridal magazines.

Fiorella said...

Thanks, Amy! Actually, you may have seen an earlier post from this summer in which I mentioned that my blog led to a writing opportunity. I ended up publishing several articles, one of which discussed common mistakes people make with their wedding gowns, and poor fit and alterations was discussed! Thanks for the support!