Friday, June 11, 2010

An Empassioned Plea

It is Feel Good Friday again, and this week I am choosing to write about an object that makes me happy. Not happy like "ha ha", but deep-down core wants and desires happy. Subconscious smile from ear to ear happy.

I can't post a picture of it, because it doesn't belong to me.

If it were up to me, it would belong to every bride that I have helped attire for her trip down the aisle, although it would be different for each one.

For some it would be long and dramatic, for others it would be detailed and romantic, and for a few it would be vintage and sassy. But whatever her individual tastes are, it is a symbol of her femininity.

It has the power to take a bride from "very dressed up" to "today is my wedding day."

It has the ability to pull focus from the elaborate gown and luscious bouquet to her face, glowing in the promise of the journey to come.

It is like a magic window with the power to make Dad cry as he sees his daughter through it, not as his precious child, but the beautiful woman she has grown to be.

A tradition begun in the days of arranged marriages, to conceal the questionable looks of the bride to her betrothed, but now worn with empowerment in a bride's celebration of the choices she has made to lead her to this point, and the many choices she will make from here forward.

Please consider making it your choice; please wear a veil.

It would make this consultant happy!


purplume said...

What a romantic post. A veil is so romantic to me. Of course part of my romantic ideal is that it is lifted to reveal an exquisite face.

Lucky a face filled with requited love is a beautiful thing.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

So that is the reason for the voting box :-)

A veil is wonderful and I loved what you wrote about it. It is so great how your passion for your job is translated into your posts!!!