Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Reader Question

What Is A Woman's Tux?

It is basically just what it sounds like, the same exact garment that a man would wear, but proportioned through the hips, shoulders and across the bust differently to fit a woman. I think the question is really, why would a woman need a tux, right? There are several scenarios is which a woman would wear a tux. The first is the one I mentioned in my past post, a woman who identifies more with a tux than a wedding gown for her wedding day.

Much more common is their use by women who will be standing for the groom with his party. So men, if you have a female attendant, you have the option of either 1. dressing her like the rest of the groomsmen in a tux, 2. have her dress like the rest of the bridesmaids, 3. have her wear the same dress as the rest of the bridesmaids, but in black and white to match the tuxes, or 4. have her wear a completely different dress in black and white to match the tuxes. At my store I have had several dresses over the years that have been popular for female attendants because they have tuxedo-like collars or belts or such.

Another use for women's tuxedos has nothing to do with weddings. We get a lot of women looking for women's tuxes for novelty reasons, that is, they are in a theatrical production, they are working at a restaurant that requires them, they are participating in a ceremony of some sort. These are all reasons why a woman might wear a tux! Thanks for the question, Madison!

And, answering another question you asked, whether a full figured girl can look good in a mermaid, the answer is a hesitant yes, but it depends on a number of factors. I generally don't recommend a mermaid for a girl who is disproportionately bottom heavy. Its all about accenting the tush, and if that is already the focus of attention due to its size, I think a different style would suit. But if the bride is proportionately full figured, or is full on top, but not on bottom, the mermaid can celebrate her curves and balance her out. Remember from my previous post that a plus size is probably smaller than you think. A size 20 is really a size 16, and that every bride that is a size 16 is shaped differently. So now, enquiring minds can know!

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Kim said...

Interesting. I never really thought about a female tux before. You must encounter so many different people with such different relationships in your job. I love reading this stuff. You seem to really know what you're talking about and you're a great writer as well!