Monday, June 21, 2010

Father of this Bride

I wanted to post this last Friday for Feel Good Friday, but was unable to make it to my computer. I was doing a favor for my Dad, you see.

Thinking about my Dad I think of many things. I think about the fact that as a child, my Dad was the one who always patiently combed my long hair when I came out of the tub, even though my Mom would have been happy to keep me in a short cut. He sang gentle songs to me to ease me back to sleep when I woke in the night. He supported me with patience as I decided to try playing the cello, no wait, the drums, no wait, maybe I'll try baton twirling instead. He was the Dad who, when we went to a party, chose to play volleyball with all the kids instead of enjoying some adult conversation.

He never judged me, or anyone else for that matter, regardless of how much he disagreed with their personal choices.

My Husband will tell you that he's the Dad who sat with a restrained grin on his face while his future son-in-law sat squirming, trying to find the right words to ask for his Daughter's hand in marriage. The answer was yes, by the way, and you may call me Dad.

He's the Father who, regardless of the thousands of dollars I had already cost him by attending a variety of colleges and universities for seven (count 'em, seven!) years, and regardless of the intervening layoff and unemployment that had occurred, still managed to offer and pay for a beautiful wedding for me, his oldest daughter.

And at that wedding, dressed in his new tuxedo that is still hanging upstairs in my closet, he shone with the pride that only a Father can feel when he escorts his little girl down the aisle towards her future. The pictures of that day tell the tale of words unspoken.

Even though in our family words are often left unspoken, they are expressed in gesture and action. So although my Dad was unexpectedly taken to heaven a year ago last Thanksgiving as he waited for the family, including his four grandchildren, that was preparing to gather around him for the holiday to arrive, I take comfort in the knowledge that he knew he was greatly loved, and he loved me.

So this past Friday, my Mom thanked me for helping her with the daunting task of dealing with some of my Dad's business papers and such. But after so many years of my Dad being there for me, how could I have been anywhere else but that storage room, lovingly taking care of things left undone.

I love and miss you Dad. I celebrate you on Father's Day and every day by passing on your legacy of patience, integrity and faith to the grandchildren who love you so much.

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Madison said...

Wow. That is a beautiful post. I hope your mom reads it and I am glad your dad knew how much you and all of your loved him. He is smiling down from above this year I am sure.