Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fiorella? Who are you?

Let me first tell you this straight out: my name is NOT Fiorella. I cannot use my real name, because I am going to share real stories of brides in the elusive search for the perfect wedding gown. I will not use my name, or theirs. Some of my stories are funny, others are maddening, still others are heartwarming and sweet. But I will share them all and do not want to compromise either their identities, or the bridal salon for which I work. The brides you will be hearing about are like you and me; they do not have the budgets of the Kleinfeld brides on "Say Yes to the Dress", nor are they your average bargain-hunter, wedding dress warehouse brides. They are simply brides who have wedding gown budgets between $600 and $1600, who want to look and feel beautiful on their wedding day.

Those of you who have looked at wedding gowns recently may chuckle at my name choice. Fiorella is the name Maggie Sottero has given to a gown, a one shoulder, body-hugging number that I have adored since the moment I laid eyes on it. And, yes, consultants do get to try on the dresses when there are no brides in the store! But I'll get to that.

I have been in the wedding business in a number of different ways for about 15 years. I am old enough to have been around the block a few times, but young enough to still be fresh and not convinced that a.)wedding gowns must be white, b.) bouquets must be white and c.) all weddings must contain a cake cutting/first dance/father-daughter dance/mother-son dance/bouquet toss/garter ceremony/last dance. Every couple has his and her own style, and I am a firm believer in not putting ANYONE into a box.

This blog will be filled with personal experiences, tips as you look for your wedding gown, and maybe even some inside information that consultants are privy to. I will consider opening my blog up to comments and questions at some point, but am going to hold off for now until I gather more information regarding how secure my identity will be. Enjoy reading! I hope you laugh, smile and clench your fists in frustration in all the right spots!

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is so cool how you came up with your name!!!

I wish I could remember what my gown's name was... or even the designer.

ok thanks to google it was Anne Barge!!! I got it WAY off $$$ since it just fit me and didn't require a special order.