Monday, April 26, 2010

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

To set the stage, some time ago a bride ordered a dress from my store (not from me, but from another consultant, let's call her Dixie-Mae)for her wedding several months in the future. As the date of her wedding approached, we notified her that her dress had arrived. For several weeks, we heard nothing from her. Eventually she sent a bridesmaid in to pick up her dress for her without ever having tried it on and the bridesmaid told us the following story:

It seems that after the bride (Let's call her Macy)ordered her dress, she then began to suspect that she was pregnant. Not wanting to be significantly pregnant at her wedding, Macy and her fiance decided to move up the wedding date by several months. This necessitated borrowing a used dress from a friend. Anyway, it turned out that she was not pregnant after all, but since deposits had been put down, travel arrangments made by the guests, the couple decided to get married at this new date after all.

Here comes the juicy part:

At the wedding, somehow the newly married Macy managed to "hook-up" with one of the guests. That's right... AT THE WEDDING! Can you imagine flirting with the woman in the white dress? And where did they manage to hide from all the other guests? Needless to say, the new husband found out, left his new wife, their marriage was anulled, and now Macy is engaged to this new guy. Rumor has it that Macy is thrilled to be able to wear the original dress she had fallen in love with. And all this had happened in such a short span of time that the original wedding date she had planned had not yet arrived. The bridesmaid who recounted this story to us was shocked and appalled by Macy's behavior, but had just been asked by Macy to be a bridesmaid again.

Sometimes my store feels like the set for Jerry Springer!