Thursday, April 22, 2010

Props to Mom

Working at a bridal gown salon is a study in Mother-Daughter relationships.

Most of the time shopping for and selecting a wedding gown is a pleasant and exciting experience that Mom and Daughter bond over. They don't always have the exact same idea of what "The Dress" will look like, but they share similar tastes and visions, and they talk back and forth of the pros and cons of each style.

Then there are the more contentious relationships in which arguing is the norm; arguing over price, who will pay, what will the color be, will the shoulders need to be covered, is the dress too sexy, too plain, too formal, too fitted, etc. Some of the arguments are heated, sometimes there are tears.

Sometimes Mom forgets whose wedding it is.

But my point today is that, in my experience, so often it is Mom who is instrumental in finding the dress. That doesn't necessarily mean that Mom sees the dress from across the room and says, "That is the dress that my daughter will wear to get married!", although there have been occasions where this occurs. Usually it is that Mom speaks of certain qualities she thinks would suit her daughter, and that when the consultant listens to Mom, blends it with what the bride is asking for,that is when the magic happens! A dress that wows everyone, makes Mom tear up and makes the bride melt as she sees herself thru her Mom's eyes. And why should we be surprised that Mom had insight into her daughter's perfect gown? After all, she has known her daughter much longer than I, is familiar with her figure, her tastes, and perhaps her history of fashion missteps.

So, although the bride reigns supreme in my dressing room, Mom is my secret weapon in the search for the perfect wedding gown! My message to you brides out there: be true to yourself, but be open to hearing what your Mom has to say.